Your Bunker Shot Setup Should Be Out of the Box For Consistent Contact

File Nov 08, 9 07 42 AM.jpegIf you are like most people, making consistent contact out of the bunker can be difficult.  You have probably heard that you are not supposed to make contact with the ball; that you hit the sand, and the sand in turn lifts the ball out of the bunker.  This image, however, still doesn't help you with a basic understanding of where to hit in relation to the ball, and how the clubhead works through the shot.

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Today in Secret Instruction, Elk explains a simple drill to help you better understand the bunker shot setup and the interaction between the sand, ball, and clubface, and how it can help you instantly improve your contact when you find yourself in the dreaded bunker.  This drill requires nothing more than a bunker to practice in, and a little bit of imagination.

Find out more about hitting bunker shots "out of the box" in the video below:

As Elk indicates in the video:

  • Draw a rectangle in the sand approximately 8 inches in length aimed at your golf ball with your ball about 1/3 of the way from the end closest to your clubface.
  • Your goal in hitting a bunker shot should be to make contact at the leading ege of the "box" you have drawn.  
  • If done correctly, then your club should exit he sand near the end of the box you have drawn, leaving 6-8 inches of sand displaced in the process.

The important part of this drill is that it ensures that you have a consistent "bottom of your swing," or that the low point in your arc is consistent, and the ball is caught with a downward blow just prior to this low point.

Once you have gained control of the low point in your swing, you will find yourself hitting high, soft bunker shots in no time!

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