Woods Week: Lesson 1 - Know the Purpose of Your 3-Wood

Mr Burke-2.pngThis week in Secret Instruction, we will be covering the driver and the fairway woods in your bag.  Today, we look in on a lesson between 1956 Masters and PGA Champion Jackie Burke, Jr. as he tells 1995 PGA Champion Steve Elkington about knowing the purpose of your 3 wood.  

In today's lesson, Mr. Burke and Elk talk about the modern craze to get too much out of the 3-wood.  With PGA Tour players regularly hitting their 3 Woods 300+ yards, the average golfer has lost touch with the true purpose of the 3-wood; a go-to club that reliably hits the fairway on tight tee shots and helps reach short par 5's.  As people increasingly seek 3 woods that offer both a towering trajectory and unparralleled distance, the true purpose of the 3 wood has been somewhat forgotten.

Mr. Burke describes the true purpose of the 3 wood in the video below:

As Mr. Burke indicates in the video, the main priority of a 3 wood will always be control.  The purpose of a 3 wood is to control the ball flight and consistently keep the ball in play.  While the swing can be changed to manipulate trajectory and ball flight, at the very heart of it, a 3-wood should be a club that is both controllable and consistent.



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