The Importance of the Right Hand Grip in Your Golf Swing

File Nov 27, 9 35 35 AM.jpegAs you learned yesterday in Secret Instruction, there is more than one way to grip the golf club.  While there are several fundamentals to a consistent, stable grip, there are all sorts of variations that facilitate different swing positions and movements.

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Typically, a strong grip requires more body rotation through the ball, and a weak grip requires a little more hand and arm rotation through the shot.  Another variable that few people know the importance of, however, is how far in the right hand (in a right handed golfer) is in the fingers, or in the palm. 


Today in Secret Instruction, Elk discusses the importance of how you grip the club in your right hand grip (in a right handed golfer,) and how the positioning of the club in your hand affects the amount of wrist action- and the distance- that you hit the ball.

Find out more in the video below:

Elk explains several things about this positioning in the trail hand:

  • The grip can be gripped in the tips of the fingers, at the base of the fingers, or even more in the palm
  • The more the club is gripped out in the fingers, the more wrist action you will be able to use through the release, enabling more clubhead speed at the expense of slightly less control.  Bobby Jones and many players of the 1920's played with the club more in this position
  • With the club at the base of the fingers, there is generally a good mix of stability and power, as the it allows ample wrist action while staying under control.
  • With the club in the palm of the trail hand, there is the most control, but less wrist action, and thus clubhead speed.  Moe Norman is a perfect example of this; renowned for being perhaps the most accurate ballstriker of all time, while also known for his relative lack of length.

The bottom line is- there is no right answer.  As long as you find a grip that works for you, and allows you to control your shots with enough distance to play your best golf, grip it and rip it all day long!  If not, feel free to experiment with any variation of placement in your trail hand.


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