The Importance Of Shoulder Turn In The Backswing

File Oct 12, 10 19 11 AM.pngMost golfers have heard the term "controlling the swing with your big muscles."  While this over-used expression does have a place in the world of golf instruction, it doesn't truly convey the importance of it's meaning.

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In any given golf swing, two of the most important factors are speed and stability.  While the hands provide the majority of the speed, they can only offer reliable speed when facilitated by the stability of the pivot and rotating torso.

In today's video on Secret Instruction, sequence expert Paul Kopp explains the importance of using the rotation of the torso and shoulder turn in the backswing helps to govern the movement of the hands and arms in the takeaway.  

Find out more about the proper way to "use your big muscles" in the video below:

To govern your takeaway with your shoulders, Kopp recommenends several keys:

  • After the wrists have initiated the takeaway with the left wrist cock, the lead shoulder simply rotates down.  As Kopp puts it, "as the left shoulder goes down, the hands go up"
  • To get a better feel for this move, as he does in the video, have a friend point the butt of a club at the buttons on your shirt.  The shoulder should simply rotate to the butt of this club before the arms have any conscious movement.
  • Efficient coil is created by the rotation of the shoulders against the stable lower body and hips.  The arms simply follow the rotation of the torso.  If, as Kopp puts it, the hands run away from the upper body, you lose the coil in your torso, and lose power and efficiency.

As he demonstrates, while the hands and arms have a definitive role in the golf swing, it is crucial that the rotation of the body governs this movement and allows the speed of the hands to function in sequence.

While it is important that the big muscles govern the golf backswing, it is important that you understand the how and the why to play your best golf.

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