The Importance of Assessing Your Strengths and Playing Accordingly

Master 14 clubs.pngEvery golfer has come across a fellow player that brags about how far they hit the ball.  The player that brags about how they had a 5 iron into the impossibly long par 5 that everyone else was laying up to.  

While it sounds great and might impress your buddies to unleash gargantuan drives and towering irons, these abilities are only part of the picture when it comes to getting the ball in the hole.

Today in Secret Instruction, you will learn how golfers that get the most out of their games aren't concerned with one-dimensional stats like distance off the tee.  They rely, rather, on a strategy that emphasizes their respective strengths, and takes the pressure off of the weak aspects of their games.

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In today's video, Steve Elkington and Jackie Burke, Jr. discuss how they shape their entire strategies based on what they know to be their strengths.

Despite both Mr. Burke and Elk knowing that their games are not based on their power off the tee, their respective strengths are still vastly different.  Elk knows that his while his putter doesn't always live up to its' end of the bargain, so he will have to rely on his world-class ball striking to get him close to the hole.

Mr. Burke, on the other hand, knows that while his driver can get a little crooked, he can still score with his deft putting if he keeps it in play and gets on the green in regulation.

What can you learn from this?  Several key points:

  • If you struggle with accuracy off the tee, hit a club you are confident you can keep in play.  
  • If you struggle with wedge shots, do not lay up to distances that you find difficult.  
  • If you struggle with putting, try to play shots to the fat side of the green so that you will have an easier 2 putt

Next time you play, take the pressure off yourself; play to your strengths and take the pressure off of your weaknesses until you have time to improve them!

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