Stacy Lewis's Fundamentals for Strategizing a Tee Shot

stacy Lewis strategy.jpegIf you have been playing golf for any length of time, you have heard the adage, "aw hell, just grip it and rip it!" more times than you care to think about.  To an extent, this can be helpful device once you have a solid gameplan.

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The less energy you spend worrying about technical swing thoughts on the course, the better you will play long term.  At the same time, you want to be sure that you strategize the shot thoroughly enough to minimize the possbility of hitting the shot into trouble, and maximize your chance of playing the hole as well as you can.

Today in Secret Instruction, Stacy Lewis breaks down what she takes into account when planning a tee shot, and how she adjusts her gameplan according to the course conditions on that particular day.  

Find out more in the video below:

On this particular tee shot, Stacy points out:

  • She first takes into account the wind direction and speed, and how it will affect her natural shot shape.  The wind being slightly into her and from the left side of the hole helps her natural fade in this instance, as she prefers her shots to move with the direction of the wind, and not against it.
  • She picks targets at approximately the height her ball will be flying, and not along the ground.  This keeps her from focusing on hazards on the ground, instead narrowing her focus to a "finish line" above the trouble.
  • The rhythm and pacing of her pre-shot routine are crucial.  She notes that when her pre-shot routine inadvertently speeds up, her game suffers.  Whether it is closing your eyes and visualizing the shot standing behind the ball, or taking in a deep breath and exhaling in a slow, controlled motion, find a way to make sure your pre-shot routine stays in rhythm.

Stacy accepts that she will make technical mistakes with her golf swing.  She also realizes that she is 100% reponsible for her preparation before each shot.  She refuses to even hit a shot until she is 100% certain that she has done everything she can to strategize and prepare herself for the shot at hand.

So should you. 

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