Regardless of the Situation, Process is the Key

mr Burke process.jpegNerves are an integral part of every shot that any golfer plays.  Whether it is Jordan Spieth on the 72nd hole of a major with the lead, or a putt you are facing to win drinks in your Saturday 4-ball, everyone that plays golf has to overcome nerve-wracking situations at some point.

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Having spent all of his 95 years around the game of golf, World Golf Hall of Famer Jackie Burke, Jr. gets it.  Not only has he won under the greatest tournament pressure winning both the Masters and the PGA Championship in 1956, he has also dedicated his life to teaching weekend warriors how to handle the pressure they face during their rounds.

Despite what you may think, the advice for both groups is exactly the same.

Today in Secret Instruction, Jackie Burke, Jr. explains how he takes his focus off of the result of each shot, instead focusing only on the process of choosing the shot and setting up to it the same way every time.

Find out more in the video below:

Mr. Burke focuses on the same thing regardless of the circumstance on any given shot:

  • Routine, routine, routine.  He points out that whether you made an eagle or a double bogey on the hole before, the first shot on the tee box will always stand by itself; you will have to earn a good shot just like you did every other good shot before it.  Past success does not guarantee future success.
  • Mr. Burke starts every shot with the same attention to detail with his setup- without fail.  He puts his hands on the club the same way, and ascertains that his grip pressure is light and uniform.  He then walks into the ball slowly, and pays particular attention to the orientation of his feet to the target.
  • He pulls the trigger with a clear mind, free of any burdensome mechanical swing thoughts.

Mr. Burke realizes that once you have set up to the shot properly, you have done everything you can to prepare yourself to hit your best shot on any given opportunity.  The more you commit yourself to developing a consistent pre-shot routine, the more you will find that the results take care of themselves.  This holds true whether you aim to win a green jacket, or that you are simply trying to avoid some heckling at the hands of your opponents in a Saturday match.


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