Jason Dufner's New Take On Putting With Blast Golf

 Jason Dufner's approach to his putting has changed dramatically over the past few seasons.  When Secret Golf met up with Jason at his home course in Auburn, Alabama in 2016, he had no interest in even shooting a putting video, even going so far as to say that he didn't even like looking at […]

Bronson Burgoon: Where the Road Begins and Ends

Bronson Burgoon is certain of two things.

First, there is the battle to maintain his position within the ranks of professional golf. It’s real. It’s constant. And, it’s a stressful grind.  Then, there is the practice of leaving that grind – for better or worse – on the golf course once […]

How To Find Your "Second Gear" Off The Tee 

I can't think of any golfers I know that would mind picking up a few extra yards off the tee.  In fact, most of the golfers I know spend a large amount of their time on the range working on ways to pick up distance.  From adjusting their setup to trying to massively increase their shoulder […]

Jason Dufner's Driving Essentials

The golf cliche, "drive for show, putt for dough," is one of the most misleading statements in the game.  While the last clutch putt to win the tournament on any given PGA Tour Sunday gets all the credit for being the game-winning moment of bravado, it wouldn't be possible without an […]

Bradley Hughes's Keys to Eye Position Over Your Putts

Putting strokes truly are one of the most unique and personalized aspects of anyone's golf game.  With different ways of powering the stroke, different tempos, and even ways of looking at the ball/ hole during the stroke, the options are endless.

Regardless of the Situation, Process is the Key

Nerves are an integral part of every shot that any golfer plays.  Whether it is Jordan Spieth on the 72nd hole of a major with the lead, or a putt you are facing to win drinks in your Saturday 4-ball, everyone that plays golf has to overcome nerve-wracking situations at some point.


Brian Harman Picks the Conservative Target to Make an Aggressive Swing

In case you haven't noticed, it has become something of a regular theme that most of hte players on Team Secret Golf- as well as the PGA and LPGA tours in general- have go-to shots they rely on under pressure.  It isn't a coincidence that most of these shots, as Jason Gore demonstrated, […]

Jason's Gore's "Squeeze Fade" Tee Shot Under Pressure

The fade is one of the most misunderstood shots in the game.  Beginners and high handicappers lament the left to right ball flight (for right-handed golfers,) viewing it as a weak shot that tails off to the right with entirely too much spin, and not enough distance.  

Brittany Lang's Keys to Shaping Shots and Controlling Trajectory

2016 US Women's Open champion Brittany Lang is one of the most naturally athletic golfers you will encounter on the course.  Putting as much energy into her fitness of the course as she does her practice on the range, her game revolves largely around her athleticism, and a combination of […]

Hogan's Takeaway to Ensure the Proper Golf Weight Shift

It would be a massive understatement to say that Ben Hogan was ahead of his time in terms of the golf weight shift in his swing.  Saying that Ben Hogan figured out a thing or two about the golf swing would be like claiming that Mozart knew a thing or two about how to write a jingle.

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