Mr. Burke Explains How Every Good Shot Begins With a Solid Pre-Shot Routine

File Nov 20, 5 02 53 PM.jpegIf you are a fan of any watching any sport on the planet on television, chances are that you have seen a pre-shot routine.  Whether it is a basketball player dribbling a certain number of times and wiping off his forehead in sequence before a free throw, or a pitcher spitting and adjusting his cap on the mound, all great athletes have a certain sequence they follow prior to executing an athletic movement.

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Today in Secret Instruction, Jackie Burke, Jr. and Steve Elkington explain how golf is no different.  Mr. Burke knows that in order to allow himself to hit the best shot possible, he must accomplish several things in his pre-shot routine.  While it is a simple process, the implications on his entire game are immense.

Find out more in the video below:

As he indicates in the video:

  • The first thing he establishes is his target line.  He extends a line from that final target and extends it 4 feet beyond the ball.  
  • He moves around to this point 4 feet behind the ball, and looks at the shot at hand.
  • From here, he circles around the ball into his stance, making sure that his whole body stays in motion as he does.  His arms are staying in motion, as are his feet.
  • From here, he plugs his upper arms into his torso, ensuring that his backswing will be both rhythmic and unified.
  • He steps into the ball, putting his left foot down with the ball off the heel.  From here, he places his right foot according to the shot shape he wants to hit; he draws it back for a draw and moves it forward for a fade.

The important aspect of this process is that it is rhythmic and unified.  You may move quickly, you may move slowly, but it needs to be consistent.  Some people may waggle the club, some may replant their feet.   But a sense of movement must be established that carries all the way through until you begin your takeaway.

Golf is little more than a series of movements.  When done correctly, these movements begin well before the beginning of the takeaway.

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