Jason's Gore's "Squeeze Fade" Tee Shot Under Pressure

jason gore fade.jpegThe fade is one of the most misunderstood shots in the game.  Beginners and high handicappers lament the left to right ball flight (for right-handed golfers,) viewing it as a weak shot that tails off to the right with entirely too much spin, and not enough distance.  

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Higher-caliber golfers, on the other hand, rely on the fade ball flight for its dependability, and lack of reliance on the rotation of the hands and clubhead through impact.  Despite many amateurs' tireless efforts to get rid of their fades, it is interesting to see how many top-level players choose the fade as their preferred ball flight on the course.

Today in Secret Instruction, we check in on Jason Gore, and how he goes to what he calls the "squeeze fade" (or the term his kids made up for it that I like even better; "Darth Fader,) and how it helps him rely on the big muscles in the torso and hips to hit consistent shots under even the greatest pressure on the course.

Find out more in the video below:

As Jason indicates in the video, his most surefire way to ensure accurate drives under pressure involved trying not to "fall over."  By this, he means several things:

  • Jason aligns his body and the club slightly more to the left to allow for the left-to-right ballflight
  • From the top of his backswing, he makes sure that his hands and arms simply maintain their position in relation to the body, and that he rotates his torso and hips from the top all the way through impact.

The important aspect of this swing sequence is the passive hands, and the rotation of the body all the way through impact.  If this body rotation stops early, the hands will flip through impact and result in a quick hook.

This body rotation without active rolling of the hands and clubface will result in the path of the club slightly more to the left, and a clubface that is aimed just right of this path at impact.  The result will be a piercing fade that falls softly to the right, and doesn't rely on clubface rotation through impact- a key feature in golf swings of some of the most clutch ball strikers of all time- including Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Lee Trevino- pretty good company to be keeping.

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