Jason Gore's Keys to Athleticism in the Setup

gore eye line.jpegBefore every great golf swing comes a great setup.  While the greatest players across generations have set up to the ball in thousands of ways to produce thousands of different swings, the most important goals of the setup are twofold; first and foremost, they must be repeatable.  Secondly, the setup must prepare the body for the athletic movement of the golf swing.

In a professional career that has spanned 20 years and resulted in one win on the PGA Tour and a record seven wins on the Web.com Tour, Jason Gore appreciates the necessity for consistency both in the golf swing, and in the setup.  

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Today in Secret Instruction, Jason explains the fundamentals of his setup, and an often overlooked aspect of getting your eyes aligned that you may not have been aware of.  Find out more in the video below:

Before every shot, Jason Gore makes certain he does several things:

  • He walks back behind the ball, and aligns the shaft of his club so that it is covering both his ball and his target.  He then picks a spot on this line several feet in front of the ball.  From here, this intermediate spot is all he focuses on.
  • He walks into his shot, and focuses only on pointing the clubface at his intermediate target.  He aligns his body accordingly once the clubface is square.
  • He assumes an athletic position in which his knees are flexed, and he is ready to shift his weight in any direction, like a shortstop in baseball waiting for the batter to hit.
  • Following the curved nature of his upper spine beneath his neck, he angles his eyes slightly down by lowering his chin slightly towards his sternum.  

Jason reasons that regardless of the nature of the swing, good ballstrikers' heads- and eyes- are always angled down towards the ball at impact.  For him, this position at address simply requires less vertical movement of his head and eye-line during the swing.

While you may not be comfortable with more downward head tilt at address, next time you are on the range, pay attention to the tilt of your head, and how it affects both your perception of the ball, and the shape of your swing.  The important thing is that you are comfortable, and that you find something that works for you.

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