Jason Gore Uses an Intermediate Target to Nail His Alignment

File Nov 24, 10 44 38 AM.jpegJason Gore appreciates the importance of the pre-shot routine.  As the all time leader in wins on the Web.com Tour (with 7 wins), as well as the 2005 84 Lumber Classic on the PGA Tour, he knows that every good shot begins with a consistent setup that gets him positioned correctly to hit the best shot possible.

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To get himself properly aligned, Jason relies on the use of an intermediate target.  In today's video, he explains how he accomplishes this, and how it helps him simplify his entire pre-shot routine and know that he is consistently lined up properly.

Find out how he does it in the video below:

Jason Gore has a few simple keys to his pre-shot routine:

  • Consistency in his pre-shot routine helps him to keep his mind on the process of hitting the shot, and not the result of his swing.  He simply executes each step of the process, and lets the result unfold naturally.
  • To get properly aligned, he steps directly behind the ball, and lines the shaft of his club up with his intended target.  He does this by closinghis non-dominant eye, and positioning the shaft over his target.  With this as a guide, he picks a target 2-3 feet in front of the ball on the intended lie, and then focuses solely on that intermediate target.

The important part of this process is that once Jason has picked the spot 2-3 feet in front of his ball, this point becomes the sole target- it is all he focuses on until the ball is hit.

If you struggle with getting aligned consistently, try Jason Gore's practice of usig an intermediate target- it will takew the guess work out of your routine, and help you play your best golf- every time.

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