Jason Gore Teaches You How to "Uppercut" Your Way to Better Drives

jason gore uppercut.jpegThe golf swing, like many other athletic movements, requires the stable motion of the legs and body, and the explosive accumulation of speed in the arms and hands.  

Pitchers in baseball begin with a planting of the lead foot, then follow it with the rotation of the body and release of the hands.  The basic mechanics of the batter on the receiving end of the pitch are pretty similar in essence; the batter plants his lead foot, drives with his hips and body, and releases the club with a rapid motion of the hands and arms.

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Today in Secret Instruction, Jason Gore explains how his best golf is played when his right arm feels like that of a boxer delivering an upper cut to his or her opponent.  In the video below, find out how this motion provides not only the connected power he needs, but also the ascending angle of attack he needs to optimize his tee shots.

As Jason indicates in the video, he focuses largely on his right arm and how it functions in his downswing.  His keys to the downswing include:

  • Longer hitters typically have an upward angle of attack with their drivers.  
  • This upward angle attack comes not from throwing the clubface at the ball, but instead by rotating the body, much like a boxer delivering an uppercut.
  • His right elbow stays bent and close to the body over the course of the downswing, straightening only after the body has fully rotated.
  • This results in an "uppercut" motion where the hands are working upward at impact.

File Jan 17, 11 32 34 AM.jpegA crucial aspect of this motion is that while the hands and arms are in an upward motion through impact, the hands stay ahead of the clubhead.  Think of maintaining the cock of the right wrist as the body rotates fully, and allows the hands to release explosively through impact.

Next time you are on the range, try thinking of the motion of an uppercut through impact where you are rotating up and under through impact.  You will be delivering knockout punches in no time!




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