Jason Gore Flexes His Knees For a Better Golf Swing Transition

File Oct 04, 8 35 46 AM.pngJason Gore is a big guy.  He has a big personality, a big smile, and, not surprisingly, big game on the golf course.  As a complete package of booming powerful tee shots, laser-precise irons, and deft touch around the greens, it is no surprise that he has won at every competetive level of the game. 

As a larger-framed guy, he has to work extra hard at managing his swing to limit excess movement that will keep him from being able to get through the ball effectively.

One of the easiest and most important movements he focuses on is the limiting of his hip rotation in the backswing and through golf swing transition.  While you might think that he accomplishes this simply by focusing on his hips, that is far from the truth.  

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In the video below, Jason describes how he focuses on his knees to govern his hip rotation, and a simple drill he uses to govern his lower body in the backswing.  Find out more:

As he indicates in the video, Jason focuses on several keys in his lower body:

  • Like a pitcher in baseball, he focuses on maintaining the flex in his right knee throughout the backswing and transition.  This ensures that his hips do not over-rotate in the backswing, and that he will be able to properly rotate in the downswing
  • To make sure he maintains space between his knees in the backswing, he sometimes places an inflated ball (such as a small beach ball) between his knees, ensuring that his lower body stays stable and ready to pivot in the beginning of the downswing.

This lower body stability and flex in the right knee allowd him to consistently shift the weight to his front foot and drive through the golf ball, much like a pitcher in baseball.

As in any athletic motion, increased power is a direct result of increased stability.  To consistently produce power, the body must be extremely stable.  To increase the stability in your hips and torso, shift your focus to the flex in your knees and the maintaining the distance between them during your backswing and transition.

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