Jason Dufner's Driving Essentials

File Mar 05, 10 45 15 AM.jpegThe golf cliche, "drive for show, putt for dough," is one of the most misleading statements in the game.  While the last clutch putt to win the tournament on any given PGA Tour Sunday gets all the credit for being the game-winning moment of bravado, it wouldn't be possible without an amazing week of driving the ball well off the tee.

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The truth is, the vast majority- if not all golfers- would lower their scores significantly more if they could play from a 320 yard drive down the middle than if they completely eliminated 3 putts from their game.

At any PGA Tour event, while the person that won the tournament generally out-putted the other players in the top 10 they all must drive the ball well to contend. While putting is essential, solid driving is the foundation upon which good putting wins the trophy.

Today in Secret Instruction, you will find out how one of the most consistent ballstrikers on tour has added length off the tee to expand his already massive arsenal of shots, and how you can do the same.

Find out more in the video below:

As Duf indicates in the video, the ideal ball flight off the tee is the result of an ascending strike with a driver.  To achieve this, he makes several adjustments in his setup and swing;

  • He puts the ball slightly forward of his traditonal ball position
  • As a ball that is more forward in the stance will produce a more leftward path at impact, he aims right to offset this.
  • Duf tries to feel like he is rotating behind the ball.  That is, keep your head behind the ball during the downswing, but rotate, rotate, rotate, the shoulders and torso while maintaining the position of your head behind the ball.  He wants the low point of the club to be behind the ball to result in the upward strike at impact.  

Collectively, these changes will result in a higher launch of the ball with just the right amount of spin.  While most players fight a decending blow that results in an excess amount of spin and a slice, this will result in the high-launch, low spinning draw that so many golfers covet.  Just remember- ball up, aim slightly to the right, and rotate behind the ball.

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