Jason Dufner's Bunker Essentials

File Nov 07, 1 57 10 PM.jpegJason Dufner knows a thing or two about the game of golf.  Having won 5 times on the PGA Tour including the 2013 PGA Championship, he has developed a reputation as one of the most consistently solid ballstrikers on any tour.

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Despite what some may think, he has accomplished this by a life centered around learning all about the game, and how the various components of the golf swing work.

Today in Secret Instruction, we will pull back the curtains on his bunker game, and learn how he sets up to these shots, and swings the club for the highest degree of control and consistency.  

Find out more in the video below:

Dufner has a few simple keys:

  • He aims to hit one inch behind the ball
  • He opens the clubface wide open
  • He cocks his wrist in the takeaway, and then uncocks it in the downswing towards his left pocket to encourage a right-to-left club path. This is the only shot he hits around the green where he cocks and uncocks his wrist
  • If he wants to spin the ball more, he will hit closer to the ball with the same amount of loft and clubhead speed.  Clubhead speed is essential to spinning any shots.

As Jason and Elk indicate in the video, bunker shots can be more simple than any other shots around the green, as there are typically less variables between the clubface and the ball (as there is with different kinds of grass."

The result of these adjustments, as you see in the video, is a high, soft bunker shot that lands, and just rolls a foot or two before stopping by the hole.  Try it yourself- you will be amazed how quickly you can get accustomed to this once-dreaded shot!

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