How to Get the Most Out of Your Swing With Proper Golf Swing Sequence

File Nov 13, 11 23 21 AM.jpegIf you have ever watched Steve Elkington play- whether live or on television, you will know that rhythm is a key component of his world-class ballstriking.  Regarded as having one of the most rhythmical swings of all time, his already mechanically sound golf swing becomes true poetry in motion.

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Today in Secret Instruction, Elk and Mike Maves break down Elk's keys to this rhythm, and how the everything must happen in a flowing, specific golf swing sequence to get the most distance and consistency out of your shot.  As he explains in the video, he focuses on having a consistent rhythm despite the pressure he finds himself under, or how hard the shot is.  

As Elk says in his book, Five Fundamentals, "I'll define [rhythm] as repetition of the fundamentals at a beat.  The beat is crucial for timing, because it leads to consistent hitting of the center of the ball with the center of the club face."

Elk and Maves explain this "repetition of the fundamentals at a beat" in greater detail in the video below:

Elk indicates a few keys that govern his golf swing when it comes to rhythm and sequence:

  • The swing, like swimming laps in a pool, has a definite beginning and end point.  Like reaching the wall before flipping and returning down the lane when swimming, Elk makes absolutely certain that his backswing makes it all the way to an unhurried finish before beginning the downswing.
  • Your tempo may be fast or slow, but your rhythm should remain constant.  That is, while you may take the club back quickly or slowly, the flow and sequence of your swing, or rhythm, should remain consistent.  
  • Though Elk's swing doesn't absolutely stop at the top, there is a gradual "gathering" at the top, which allows him to transition into the downswing in the proper sequence.

The key is consistency.  While good rhythm will not make up for overwhelmingly bad mechanics, bad rhythm can definitely sabotage good mechanics.  What is your rhythm?  Answer in the comments below!


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