How To Find Your "Second Gear" Off The Tee 

IMG_1574.jpgI can't think of any golfers I know that would mind picking up a few extra yards off the tee.  In fact, most of the golfers I know spend a large amount of their time on the range working on ways to pick up distance.  From adjusting their setup to trying to massively increase their shoulder turn, every golfer has, at some point, toyed with ways to increase their clubhead speed.

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Today in Secret Instruction, long-hitting Team Secret Golf member Gerina Piller discusses her keys to easily picking up extra yardage off the tee.  Contrary to what you may think, her bottom line in adding distance is that sometimes, less is more.

Find out what she means, and how it can help you in the video below:

Gerina has several keys to picking up distance off the tee when the situation calls for it;

  • She tilts her spine slightly away from the target, ensuring more of an ascending blow, and a higher ballflight.
  • She creates slightly more width with her arms in her takeaway.
  • She focuses on keeping her backswing slow and relaxed, focusing all of her energy at accumulating speed for the most important segment of the swing; impact.

Gerina indicates that she puts her swing into her "second gear" by using the ground.  That is, she slows down the motion of her hands and arms so that her lower body and torso can rotate more effectively, and let the hands accumulate the speed over the course of the swing following the motion of the body.

Just remember, next time you are trying to really launch one off the tee, you don't have to blow out your back in an effort to manhandle the golf ball.  Just stay relaxed and in control, and allow your body to accumulate the speed all the way through impact.  

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