How Gaby Lopez Changed Her Grip to Better Compress the Golf Ball

File Nov 26, 8 50 47 PM.jpegGaby Lopez knows how to get he most out of her game.  With an extreme emphasis on her physical fitness and getting her body in the best shape it can be on to withstand the stress the golf swing can be on the body, she knows that any edge she can gain physically is worth the extra effort off the course.

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Her efforts on the course are no different.  When she was younger she was most comfortable pointing the V's made by her palm and thumb pointed at the left side of her head.  With this weak grip (hands rotated towards the left side of the rip at address for a right handed golfer), she found herself having to roll her hands excessively through impact to get the clubface back to square.

Today in Secret Instruction, Gaby explains how strengthening her grip solved this, and how it can help you make better contact as well.  Find out more in the video below:

As Gaby indicates in the video, she decided that she wanted to be able to compress the ball more at impact- that is, to have her hands ahead of the ball at impact, and make ball-then-turf contact.  This produces more optimal launch angles and spin rates.

She accomplished this by rotating her hands away from the target on the grip at address until the V's on her left hand are pointed at the collar on her right shoulder (as she is a right-handed golfer).

This stronger grip at address requires less rotation of the hands to square the club at impact, allowing for the hands to stay ahead of the ball, and create more shaft lean, and better launch conditions.

If you struggle with "wiping the ball" and lack the ball-first contact with shaft lean that produces massive amounts of compression, try strengthening your grip, and making contact with your hands ahead of the ball.  You will be amazed at how quickly even the sound of your impact improves.

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