Go Wide-Narrow-Wide To Create More Clubhead Speed

File Oct 05, 9 03 36 AM.pngMost amateurs believe that the longer and wider a swing gets, the more clubhead speed they will accumulate. Many of the longest and straightest ballstrikers, however, beg to differ.  While width is an extremely important aspect in distance, this width must be established in the proper segments of the swing.

Take, for example, Greg Norman and Sergio Garcia- two of the longest and straightest drivers of the golf ball in their respective generations (and perhaps all time!)  While their long, powerful swings certainly had width, they had width in the right places.

Today in Secret Instruction, Bradley Hughes and Steve Elkington examine the swing sequence they describe as wide-narrow-wide, and how more width throughout the swing is not necessarily the most efficient way to swing the club.

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Learn how you can create more clubhead speed in the video below:

Bradley and Elk have several keys to width:

  • Many higher handicappers take the club back with very little extension in the backswing, and then get extremely wide from the top, resulting in an over-the-top casting motion that is losing clubhead speed and coming in from too steep of an angle into impact.
  • Many of the greatest ballstrikers of all time- Sergio Garcia being a perfect example- experience a "dropping of the hands" from the top that decreases the width on the downswing.  This narrowing in transition allows for a massive acceleration through impact, much like the slack in a whip allows for an explosive crack at the end.
  • This acceleration through impact, in turn, results in a wide, extended follow through 

This narrowing of the swing in transition is not an active move of the hands.  It comes, instead, as a result of passive hands, and allowing them to follow the rotation of the body until they begin to release through impact- what can be considered the "crack of the whip."

Just remember, when it comes to the golf swing, not all width is created equal!

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