Gerina Piller's Keys to Simplifying the Dreaded Three Foot Putt

three-foot-puttEveryone has heard the old adage that "mankind has made it to the moon and back, but can't successfully navigate the simple three foot putt."  Though this could possibly be a little dramatic, the core message rings true. The three foot putt should be amongst the simplest shots in golf.

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Despite this, the dreaded "knee-knocker" causes more anxiety in golfers than perhaps any other shot they face.  Golfers get caught up in the expectation that they should make these putts, and end up adding massive amounts of stress to a simple situation.

Today in Secret Instruction, Gerina Piller admits that even the best pros are not immune from this expectation.  She explains that the best way to consistently hole this putts is to look at them exactly as they are; simple.  

In the video below, find out how Gerina Piller simplifies the process of making short putts to picking a definitive line, and trusting the process of making the putt.

As she indicates in the video:

  • Gerina always dreaded 3 footers.  To combat this, she simplified her routine picking out an intermediate target about a foot in front of her ball, and focusing solely on that.
  • After she has picked out this intermediate target, she puts all of her energy into visualizing the putt going into the hole.
  • To keep head movement down, she keeps her head stationary, and her eyes on the ball.  She doesn't move her head or her eyes until she hears the ball go into the hole.

Ultimately, it is as simple as that.  She picks a definitive intermediate target that she knows she can aim at, visualizes exactly how she wants the ball to roll into the hole, and then focuses solely on that.  If waiting for the sound of the ball going into the hole doesn't work for you, try hitting the putt, and then not looking up until you see the grass beneath the ball.

Any knee-knocking putt Gerina faces boils down to 3 distinct keys.  Any more than that just complicate the process.  The more you can narrow your focus to seeing the path you want the ball to go on, and allowing yourself to let that happen as a result of the process, the more putts you will make, and the happier you will be.

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