Gaby Lopez's Keys to Maintaining Posture During the Shoulder Turn

File Oct 11, 1 35 05 PM.pngGaby Lopez can only be described as a physical specimen.  With a week-long routine that includes intense cardio and strength--building routines, she puts all of her energy into making sure that her body is fully capable of maintaining stability during the explosive movements of the golf swing.

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Much like her structured routines off the course regarding physical fitness, Gaby is extraordinarily precise  and regimented in the way she swings the golf club.  With a swing centered around rotation and the proper sequencing of the torso and hips, she makes absolutely certain that her body maintains the proper angles to facilitate a powerful, repeating swing.

In today's video, Gaby explains her emphasis on getting her shoulders coiled in the backswing, and the importance of maintaining her posture as she turns her shoulders to get the most out of her shots.  Find out her keys, and how they can help your game in the video below:

As Gaby indicates in the video:

  • She considers the spine and shoulders to form a "T" at address.  As she turns her shoulders in the backswing (or the left shoulder under the chin, as Mike discussed earlier this week), she wants to maintain the perpendicular configuration between the spine and shoulder.
  • Not only does she maintain this "T" during the backswing, but it is also important to maintain this configuration in the downswing.  

In maintaining these angles in the back and downswing, Gaby ascertains that a loss of posture in the spine will not inhibit her rotation all the way through the ball.  Any loss in spine tilt or shoulder angle during the swing will stop shoulder rotation, and force the hands to "pick up the slack," and lead to inconsistent contact and path issues.

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