Elk Teaches Proper Bunker Shot Technique By "Seeing The Eyes Twice"

File Nov 09, 8 51 00 AM.jpegDuring his major-championship winning career, Steve Elkington consistently ranked as one of the best bunker players in the world.  In 1995, he won the PGA Championship and the Vardon Trophy (for lowest scoring average on the PGA Tour), and ranked second in bunker play, getting up and down 68.22% of the time from the sand.

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With his world-class play out of sand, you would think that his bunker shot technique would be out of the average weekend golfer's realm of possibility.  Today in Secret Instruction, he demonstrates that this is far from the case.  With ax simple visual cue, Elk explains how the clubhead should work when hitting bunker shots, and how this simple key can help you hit higher, softer sand shots.  

Find out more in the video below:

Elk simplifies his play out of the bunker with a few simple keys:

  • To better visualize the motion of the clubface during the swing, Elk draws a set of "eyes" on the clubface.  At address, the eyes are pointing straight up in the air.  Over the course of the swing, he cocks his wrists so that these eyes are "looking" at Elk both in the backswing and in the follow-through.  
  • This clubface orientation comes after Elk has taken his normal setup in the bunker; stance slightly wider than usual, clubface open, and an open stance to accomodate the opened clubface. 

The point of this visual cue is that in hinging the wrists so that the eyes stay "looking at you," you are effectively adding loft to the clubface both in the backswing and through impact.

For a better understanding of the way the clubface works in the bunker, try "seeing the eyes twice" during your swing!

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