Brittany Lang's Keys to Shaping Shots and Controlling Trajectory

brittany Lang.jpeg2016 US Women's Open champion Brittany Lang is one of the most naturally athletic golfers you will encounter on the course.  Putting as much energy into her fitness of the course as she does her practice on the range, her game revolves largely around her athleticism, and a combination of visualization and feel regarding the shots she wants to hit.

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While many golfers get caught up in the technical aspect of what they need to accomplish to shape draws and fades, the truth is that most golfers will see much more success understanding the goal of any given shot, and reacting to it accordingly.

In the video below, Brittany explains her process for hitting not only draws and fades, but also high draws depending on the situation.

As she indicates in the video;

  • For a low fade, the most important thing for Brittany is visualizing the shot, and reacting accordingly.  She sets up with her feet and body aligned to the left of the target, and then focusing simply on not letting the clubface rotate through impact.  She does this with the "chicken wing," keeping her hands ahead of the ball, and keeping her lead elbow from folding through impact. This holds off the clubface, and keeps it from rotating through impact.
  • For a high draw, you can see that she sets her feet up well to the right of the target, and does the opposite of the high fade.  She swings out to the right of the target, and lets the clubface rotate through the shot so that the clubface is left of her club path at impact.  She focuses on hitting down on the ball to get it up to her desired trajectory.

When it comes down to it, shaping the shot is all about the direction of the clubface in relation to the direction of the club path (and to a much lesser degree, where contact is made on the clubface).  If the face is right of the path, the ball will fade.  If the face is left of the path, the ball will draw.  

Brittany, however, doesn't focus on these technical aspects.  She focuses instead on the feel of the clubface, and being sure that her body simply reacts to the mental "video" she visualized in her head before the shot.  

Next time you get a chance to hit some range balls, try working on various feels for the clubface through impact- hold off some and let the clubface rotate through the shot on others.  You will be amazed at how the ball reacts accordingly!

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