Brian Harman Picks the Conservative Target to Make an Aggressive Swing

File Feb 22, 8 42 30 AM.jpegIn case you haven't noticed, it has become something of a regular theme that most of hte players on Team Secret Golf- as well as the PGA and LPGA tours in general- have go-to shots they rely on under pressure.  It isn't a coincidence that most of these shots, as Jason Gore demonstrated, that this shot is often a body-rotation controlled fade.

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Today we will get insight into the strategy 2-time winner on the PGA Tour Brian Harman when facing the tee shot on the par 5 18th at Frederica Golf Club in Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  He explains not only his "go-to" shot in this situation, but also how this shot all but eliminates his chance of finding trouble off this daunting tee box.

Find out more in the video below:

As Brian indicates in the video:

  • The 18th fairway is a dogleg left with a fairway bunker up the right side, and hazard lining the left landing area
  • The ideal tee shot ends up on the left center of the fairway, shortening the second shot into this hole.  
  • The bad miss is too far to the left, in the hazard.  A true risk-reward tee shot where the closer you hit it to the hazrd on the left, the shorter the second shot plays.
  • Brian aims at the left edge of the right bunker, focuses on keeping the club from rotating excessively through impact.  This results in a gentle fade that starts at the left edge of the bunker, and fades perfectly back into the ideal position in the left center of the fairway.

While Brian's go-to shot may be a bullet fade, you may be comfortable with a completely different ball flight.  The point is, whatever your ball flight is, use it to your advantage when choosing a target.  Pick a target that allows for your natural ball flight.  

If you play a draw with a dogleg left, aim in at the right side of the fairway, and allow the ball to curve along the fairway.  If you play a draw on a dogleg right, aim it up the right side of the fairway, and allow it to draw into the left side of the fairway.  The more relaxed your strategy allows you to be, the better you will play.

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