Bradley Hughes's Keys to Eye Position Over Your Putts

File Feb 28, 12 21 16 PM.jpegPutting strokes truly are one of the most unique and personalized aspects of anyone's golf game.  With different ways of powering the stroke, different tempos, and even ways of looking at the ball/ hole during the stroke, the options are endless.

One of the most fundamental aspects of putting that holds true for all types of strokes, however, is the positioning of the eyes in relation to the ball.  

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This crucial relationship lays the foundation for every putt you hit as it dictates both your posture standing over the ball, and- even more importantly- your perception of the target.

Today in Secret Instruction, Bradley Hughes explains the similarities between your putting setup and your setup for every other shot you face, as well as the most efficient way to set up to help you make more putts. 

Find out more in the video below:

As Bradley explains in the video:

  • In golf, you don't stand with your eyes directly over the ball for any shots- chips, pitches, full shots, or drives.  
  • Setting up with your eyes slightly inside the ball gives you the best chance of freeing up your posture- allowing your hands, arms, and shoulders to relax at address without feeling "cramped" from being too close to the ball.
  • Setting up with the eyes slightly inside the ball allows better perception of the target line, as getting closer to the ball can create the impression that the hole is farther to the left than it is (for a right handed putter)
  • An easy way to test this is to address the ball as you would for a regular putt, then hold a golf ball between your eyes (on the bridge of your nose,) then drop the ball.  Where the ball lands tells you exactly where your eye position is in relation to the ball.

If you struggle with keeping shorter putts on line, your distance from the ball can often be the culprit- it is hard to send something towards a target when your perception of that target is off-kilter.  Next time you get to work on your putting, try putting with your eyes just a little inside the ball- your new perception will have you seeing more putts go in before you know it!

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