Mike Maves Breaks Down Ben Hogan's Downswing Essentials

Maves lateral shift-1.pngNow that you have gotten the club to the top of the backswing, with your shoulder turned fully under your chin, and your hip turned over your trail foot, you are ready to begin unloading the power you have accumulated thus far in the swing by initiating the downswing.

Today in Secret Instruction, Mike Maves and Steve Elkington discuss the downswing portion of Hogan's book, and how the lateral shift of the hips facilitate the shallowing of the club in the downswing.

As Elk indicates in his book, Five Fundamentals, "the downswing is a release of the torque in the upper body and of the resistance below.  My downswing is tight, with no slack and just a touch of lateral movement [...] the downswing is a one-piece pulling sensation, with the pull supplied by the spinning torso and hips."  

In the video below, Mike Maves and Elk discuss the slight lateral shift of the hips and how it properly positions the spine and torso- along with the club- to hit the golf ball properly;

As they indicate in the video;

  • the lead knee and hip begin the downswing with a slight lateral shift.  
  • This lateral shift, in turn, angles the spine slightly away from the target, and enables an upward angle of attack with rotation of the torso through impact.  
  • While this shift in the angles of the body forces the club to come down on a shallower plane, this shallow plane is the result of the body working properly in the downswing.  

If you struggle with your arms running away with the shot or coming over it, try focusing on your hip and spine angles on the downswing; you will find that the club will begin to feel like it swings itself.

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