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Jason Gore's Keys to Athleticism in the Setup

Before every great golf swing comes a great setup.  While the greatest players across generations have set up to the ball in thousands of ways to produce thousands of different swings, the most important goals of the setup are twofold; first and foremost, they must be repeatable.  Secondly, […]

Elk and Pat Perez Surf the Links at Scenic Maderas

This week, Elk heads to the beautiful Maderas Golf Club in Poway, Californa, just north of San Diego.  The top ranked course in San Diego County, this Johnny Miller masterpiece provides a  world-class golf experience on the links as it winds you through the cliffs, rock outcroppings, […]

Steve Elkington and Secret Golf Head to the Oasis at Death Valley

Surrounded by the vast and arid desert of Death Valley National Park, California, just 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, The Oasis at Death Valley is a sprawling retreat with something for everyone. Formerly known as Furnace Creek,  this gorgeous property hosts two hotels — the historic, […]

Gerina Piller's Keys to Simplifying the Dreaded Three Foot Putt

Everyone has heard the old adage that "mankind has made it to the moon and back, but can't successfully navigate the simple three foot putt."  Though this could possibly be a little dramatic, the core message rings true. The three foot putt should be amongst the simplest shots in golf.


How Taking Advantage of A Strong Golf Grip Leads To Massive Distance

Ryan Palmer consistently ranks as one of the longes drivers on the PGA Tour.  Averaging over 300 yards off the tee for the last 5 consecutive years, his power off the tee puts him in the scoring zone on even the longest holes.  A key aspect of his distance is his strong golf grip that […]

The Importance of the Right Hand Grip in Your Golf Swing

As you learned yesterday in Secret Instruction, there is more than one way to grip the golf club.  While there are several fundamentals to a consistent, stable grip, there are all sorts of variations that facilitate different swing positions and movements.


How Gaby Lopez Changed Her Grip to Better Compress the Golf Ball

Gaby Lopez knows how to get he most out of her game.  With an extreme emphasis on her physical fitness and getting her body in the best shape it can be on to withstand the stress the golf swing can be on the body, she knows that any edge she can gain physically is worth the extra effort off […]

Elk's Fundamentals to a Solid Grip

The grip, like many aspects of the setup and golf swing, is a higly individualized thing.  You see pros and amateurs the world over grip the club in all different styles and with all different types of grip pressures.  From interlocking to overlapping, strong to weak, and everything in […]

Jason Gore Uses an Intermediate Target to Nail His Alignment

Jason Gore appreciates the importance of the pre-shot routine.  As the all time leader in wins on the Tour (with 7 wins), as well as the 2005 84 Lumber Classic on the PGA Tour, he knows that every good shot begins with a consistent setup that gets him positioned correctly to hit the […]

Mr. Burke Explains How Every Good Shot Begins With a Solid Pre-Shot Routine

If you are a fan of any watching any sport on the planet on television, chances are that you have seen a pre-shot routine.  Whether it is a basketball player dribbling a certain number of times and wiping off his forehead in sequence before a free throw, or a pitcher spitting and adjusting […]

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