A Golf Swing Shoulder Turn Plane Doesn't Have to Be Massive For Power

File Oct 10, 8 31 24 AM.pngWhen most golfers see PGA Tour players take freakishly long backswings that seem to wrap their arms all the way around their backs and produce 330 yard bombs off the tee, they begin to equate length of backswing and shoulder turn with distance.  

While backswing and golf swing shoulder turn plane do have a correlation with clubhead speed, at a certain point, you will also begin to see diminishing returns.  Once your lead shoulder gets under your chin, your backswing is basically over.  

While some coaches and trainers stress the importance of thoracic range and massive coil (among other big and confusing words), the basic truth is that you can still get plenty of power without the gargantuan shoulder turns you see in the swings of many players on tour.

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In today's Secret Instruction, Elk and Mike Maves explain their keys to what you should really be getting out of your shoulder turn, and how it doesn't require as much from you as you might think.  Find out more in the video below:

As Elk and Mike indicate in the video:

  • You don't need a gargantuan turn of the shoulders, or even to think about the whole "apparatus," as Mike calls it, is accomplishing massive rotation
  • Think of your left and right shoulders as two separate body parts, and the only goal of your backswing is to get the left shoulder (in a right-handed golfer) under your chin.  That is the top of your backswing
  • This rotation of the lead shoulder under the chin loads the muscles of the back and left side behind the ball into a coiled position completely loaded for the downswing.

The backswing does not have to be overly-complicated.  In the simple motion of putting your lead shoulder under your chin, you are loading an immense amount of muscle into your golf swing, and are more than sufficiently stacked to fulfill your clubhead speed potential with every shot.

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