Jason Gore Keeps His Right Arm in Front of Him for His Ideal Release

In the golf swing, as you have learned, nothing is more important that the alignment and path of the clubhead and shaft at impact.  As the segment of the swing immediately leading to impact, the release is absolutely vital in paving the way for consistent golf shots.

The Hip Action Leads to Massive Speed in the Hands & Arms Through Impact

In the golf swing, power must be accumulated.  As you have learned in Secret Instruction before, trying to manufacture power from the top of the downswing only costs speed during the most crucial segment of the swing; impact.

The Importance of Shoulder Turn Governing the Takeaway

Most golfers have heard the term "controlling the swing with your big muscles."  While this over-used expression does have a place in the world of golf instruction, it doesn't truly convey the importance of it's meaning.

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Gaby Lopez's Keys to Maintaining Posture During the Shoulder Turn

Gaby Lopez can only be described as a physical specimen.  With a week-long routine that includes intense cardio and strength--building routines, she puts all of her energy into making sure that her body is fully capable of maintaining stability during the explosive movements of the golf […]

Your Shoulder Turn Doesn't Have to Be Massive For Tremendous Power

When most golfers see PGA Tour players take freakishly long backswings that seem to wrap their arms all the way around their backs and produce 330 yard bombs off the tee, they begin to equate length of backswing and shoulder turn with distance.  

Mr. Burke on Controlling the Swing With Body Rotation

One of Jackie Burke Jr's favorite saying is "you feel great shots with your hands... you don't produce them with your hands."  That is, when you flush a tee shot down the fairway, while the prefect content is felt through your only link to the club- the hands- that perfect content was not […]

Go Wide-Narrow-Wide For Clubhead Speed at the Right Time in Your Swing

Most amateurs believe that the longer and wider a swing gets, the more clubhead speed they will accumulate. Many of the longest and straightest ballstrikers, however, beg to differ.  While width is an extremely important aspect in distance, this width must be established in the proper […]

Jason Gore Maintains the Flex in His Knees For a Better Transition

Jason Gore is a big guy.  He has a big personality, a big smile, and, not surprisingly, big game on the golf course.  As a complete package of booming powerful tee shots, laser-precise irons, and deft touch around the greens, it is no surprise that he has won at every competetive level of […]

How to Create Power By Coiling Your Body Like a Rubber Band

When it comes to the golf swing, tension can be a good thing.  While countless instructors- Jackie Burke included- stress the importance of getting tension out of the golf swing, it can help add power to your swing when used in the right way.

The Role of the Pivot in Getting the Most out of Your Transition

The transition is one of the most poorly misunderstood movements in the game.  With the current "hot topic" in golf instruction centered around the shallowing of the shaft in transition, or the counterclockwise movement of the shaft in the downswing for a right handed golfer, many golfers […]

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