The Importance of Assessing Your Strengths and Playing Accordingly

Every golfer has come across a fellow player that brags about how far they hit the ball.  The player that brags about how they had a 5 iron into the impossibly long par 5 that everyone else was laying up to.  

While it sounds great and might impress your buddies to unleash gargantuan […]

How to Mentally Approach a Shot... When the Time Comes

Everyone faces shots they dread hitting.  Whether it is a 200 yard forced carry to a tight dogleg left with out of bounds up the right side, everyone has their Achille's Heel when it comes to hitting a particularly daunting shot.  

You Can Idolize the Greats, But Don't Try to Play Their Games

Golfers of every ability level learn to play the game looking up to certain golfers.  Generations have grown up with heroes from all eras like Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and now Jordan Spieth.  While these golfing greats have propelled their generations- and the […]

"Get Ready to Have A Let-Go Day" To Play Your Best Golf

Regardless of the situation you are in or the shot you are facing, your mental game is the framework on which all of your shots are built.  From committing to a swing change to narrowing your focus to the most precise target possible, the way you approach a shot mentally is the most […]

Coiling Your Way to The Ideal Finish

The ideal golf swing is one that is both stable and explosive.  As the body rotates in the backswing and in the downswing, it offers stability to the explosive motion of the hands and arms through impact.

Accelerating Through Impact to A High Finish

You always hear about the importance of accelerating in the golf swing.  Whether it is trying to turn on the jets from the top of your backswing, or really getting after it by trying to sling your hands through impact, it can get confusing where exactly you should be harnessing the […]

Shape Your Shots by Focusing on Your Finish

While you can't learn all there is about someone's swing by their pose at the finish, it can tell you a lot about how they got there.  In that vein of thought, swinging the club with a certain finish in mind can go a long way in shaping the shot that you are about to hit.

Henry Cotton and the "High Wide Finish"

Growing up, I remember watching a video of Nancy Lopez where she mentions asking her dad about her her finish (or final "pose" in her swing), and he responded, "it doesn't matter what you do in the followthrough- you've already hit the ball."  With 48 wins and as one of the best female […]

The Correct Sequence of the Hands and Arms Through the Release

While the PGA and LPGA tour golfers on tv can make the golf swing look extremely easy, the average amateur can attest that it is incredibly complicated and difficult.  With tons of 4-syllabled words for every process of the swing, it can become a little overwhelming.

Bradley Hughes and the 4:30 Path to Your Ideal Release

Everyone has heard it before.  You are playing in your Saturday foursome, you hit a tee shot, and your playing partner admonishes you with, "you are just way too far above the plane on your backswing!"

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