Mr. Burke on Controlling his Golf Swing With Body Rotation

golf-body-rotationOne of Jackie Burke Jr's favorite saying is "you feel great shots with your hands... you don't produce them with your hands."  That is, when you flush a tee shot down the fairway, while the prefect content is felt through your only link to the club- the hands- that perfect content was not produced by the manipulation of your hands.

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Today in Secret Instruction, Jackie Burke explains the importance of letting power and clubhead speed accumulate via his body rotation, pivot, and passiveness of his hands.  He explains the "motor" of a consistent golf swing, and how you might be focusing on the wrong things when it comes to controlling the golf club.

Take a Look at Jackie Burke Jr's Body Rotation:

He points out several keys about the hands' role in the golf swing:

  • The hands should not be jerked away during the backswing, as the body rotation should govern the movement of the club during the backswing
  • Power is slow, and should be accumulated over the course of the backswing, not all at once through forced manipulation of the hands.
  • Don't overburden yourself with hitting certain "checkpoints" in the swing with the hands or club.  Mr. Burke simply thought about pointing the club at the target at the back of the swing, and letting the rotation of his body take the club where it needs to go.

An easy way to accomplish this is by focusing on grip pressure in the early parts of the swing.  While constant grip pressure cannot be maintained over the course of the swing as the clubhead speeds up and the pressure in the grip will increase accordingly, focusing on softening your grip pressure during the backswing will result in a more balanced takeaway that allows your body to  do the majority of the work.

Just remember- in the golf swing, power is accumulated, not forced.

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