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Ben Hogan's Second Part of the Swing: The Downswing

Now that you have gotten the club to the top of the backswing, with your shoulder turned fully under your chin, and your hip turned over your trail foot, you are ready to begin unloading the power you have accumulated thus far in the swing by initiating the downswing.

Ben Hogan's First Part of the Swing: The Backswing

Once you have gotten your hands on the club correctly, and assured that you have your feet and posture prepared to facilitate the forces of your golf swing, you are ready to begin what Ben Hogan called "the first part of the swing;" the backswing.

Hogan's Five Lessons: Stance and Posture

Today in Secret Instruction you will learn about Ben Hogan's second fundamental from his book, "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf"; stance and posture.  

Mike Maves & Elk Break Down Hogan's Grip Fundamentals

On March 11, 1957, Sports Illustrated began a 5-part golf series penned by Ben Hogan (with the help of Herbert Warren Wind and expertly illustrated by Anthony Ravielli) that was to explain Ben Hogan's thoughts on the basic fundamentals of golf.  

Paul Kopp and Elk Teach You How to Pivot Through Your Release

Paul Kopp is a rare gem in the golf instruction world.  Having devoted his whole career to studying both the works and swings of Ben Hogan as well as Homer Kelley's The Golfing Machine, he possesses an immeasurable wealth of knowledge about how the golf swing works, and drills that will […]

Elk and Bradley Hughes' Simple Drill to Perfect Your Release

As you have learned before in Secret Instruction, impact is the bottom line in any given golf shot.   Just as ball flight never lies, the velocity, alignment, and direction of the clubface through  impact will always be the deciding factor in that ball flight.  

Nail Your Release and Pivot With the Help of a Cigarette Box

While the golf swing can be broken down into various segments that seem may seem independent of one another, the truth is that at its very core, the golf swing is little more than a series of synchronized movements that are fundamentally related.

Jackie Burke Explains How to Release the Club By Learning to Let Go

There is an old adage that if you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough.  Mr. Burke is the living embodiment of this.  Having spent most of his 94 years on this Earth exploring and trying to understand the golf swing, it is amazing that as he learns more about […]

Gaby Lopez's Simple Drill to Help Your Body and Hands Work Together

Gaby Lopez is the embodiment of the athlete golfer.  With strict routines revolving around both her golf and fitness regimens, she makes sure that her strength and conditioning preparation off the course is every bit as dedicated as her practice routine on the course.

"Ringing the Bell" For More Power in Transition

If there is one thing that just about any golfer wouldn't mind having more of, it's power.  Regardless if you are Dustin Johnson, or a golfer that sweats out beer bets with your buddies on the weekends, no one would turn down an opportunity to add a few extra yards with added consistency.

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