Ben Hogan and The Gardner Dickinson Drill

Today, Secret Instruction will wrap up our week on Initiating the Takeaway with a little known drill that Ben Hogan would always do with fellow PGA Tour Player Gardner Dickinson.  This drill was a simple way to not only get the clubhead moving properly at the outset of the takeaway, but […]

How Ryan Palmer Uses His Shirt Buttons for a More Patient Backswing

This week in  Secret Instruction, we have taken you through several important keys during the takeaway. From staying connected to improving your coil, we we have covered several biomechanical aspects of initiating the takeaway.  Today, we will be getting exclusive insight from PGA Tour […]

Applying the Hammer at Riviera: Steve Elkington's Tale of Playing to Win

This week, the Genesis Open will be hosted at the historic Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California.  Riviera's hallowed 7,349 yard layout has played the backdrop to some of golf's biggest championships and champions.  With past winners including names like Hogan, Snead, […]

Ben Hogan's Key to Staying Connected Beginning the Takeaway

Yesterday on Secret Instruction, we went over a simple way to improve your leverage with a more stable lower body in the swing.  Today, we will be getting an exclusive explanation of a lesson Mr. Burke recieved from Ben Hogan during the earlier days of the PGA Tour about staying connected […]

Improve Your Coil With Lower Body Stability

This week in Secret Instruction, we will be exploring one of the most crucial aspects of the takeaway; initiating the backswing.  In today's lesson, Elk giving a quick lesson about the importance of building leverage using the legs.

Putter Week: Lesson 4: Mr. Burke on The Only Putter Style He Ever Used

Earlier this week, we covered various aspects of how putter designs and balancing can either compliment or hinder the natural arc of your stroke, as well as the unusual putter that Ryan Palmer has been using for almost 10 years.  Today, we asked Jackie Burke, Jr. about the blade-style […]

Putter Week: Lesson 3: Ryan Palmer and How He Picked His Putter

Yesterday in Secret Instruction, Jackie Burke, Jr. taught us the pitfalls of trying to patch the holes in your game with trendy equipment upgrades.  Today in Secret Instruction, we will be taking a look at 3-time PGA Tour winner Ryan Palmer, and how he ended up picking a 3-piece putter that […]

Putter Week: Lesson 2: Bells and Whistles Don't Make The Putter

Yesterday in Secret Instruction, we went over the different types of balancing in putters and how they can compliment the arc of your individual putting stroke.  Today, we will check in on a putting session between Jackie Burke, Jr. and Elk in which Mr. Burke explains how the latest trends […]

Putter Week: Lesson 1: Different Styles of Putters and Your Stroke

This week in Secret Instruction, we will be covering all aspects of what you need to know when it comes to picking a putter.  From blade and clubhead configurations to grips and shaft types, we will fill you in on all of the important aspects in picking a putter that benefits your specific […]

Wedge Week: Lesson 4: Which Wedges Should You Carry In Your Bag?

This week, Secret Instruction has focused on what to take into consideration when picking the wedges you put in your bag.  Today, we go through the bag of PGA Tour Player Colt "Big Gravy" Knost.  Colt, who led the tour in driving accuracy in 2016 with 73.36% fairways hit, is known for being […]

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