Equpment Week: Lesson 4: Lie Angles and... Hockey Sticks?!?

Hopefully at this point in our discussion on equipment you understand the importance of having clubs in your bag that are properly fitted for you.  Today in Secret Instruction, Secret Golf co-founder Mike Maves will show you an easy method of testing the lie angles of your own clubs using a […]

Equipment Week: Lesson 3: Jason Dufner Explains the Importance of Properly Fit Clubs

Jason Dufner is known for being very comfortable in his own skin.  Having won the 2013 PGA Championship at Oak Hill, he is also very comfortable with his golf swing and with his equipment.  Having already covered the importance of knowing your own equipment and its consistency, today we […]

Equipment Week: Lesson 2: Know Your Equipment

Yesterday, Mr. Burke warned us to stay loyal to the equipment that works for us.  Today, Steve Elkington and Mike Maves will cover the importance of knowing your equipment, and being familiar with the way various aspects of your equipment affect your game.

Equipment Week: Lesson 1: Stick to Your Equipment

This week in Secret Instruction, we will be exploring all things relating to selecting new equipment and what needs to be considered when doing so.  Today, we start with 1956 Masters and PGA Champion Jackie Burke telling 1995 PGA Champion Steve Elkington what was important to him when […]

Posture Week: Lesson 4: Bump your Lead Hip Forward at Address

Now that we have covered weight distribution and muscle activation and their influence on the golf swing, we will take a look at hip joint alignment.  In this week's video, 5-time PGA Tour winner and 1958 NCAA Champion Golfer Phil Rodgers and Shawn Cox, Director of Golf at The Grand Golf […]

Posture Week: Lesson 3: Weight Distribution and its Effect on Posture

During posture week, we have examined how the joints of the knees, elbows, and shoulders should align in a proper setup with the core muscles engaged.  Today, along with the help of 2-time Australian Masters Champion Bradley Hughes, we will examine the effects of weight distribution in the […]

Posture Week: Lesson 2: Jason Kokrak's Posture for Power

Jason Kokrak hits it long off the tee.  Real long.  In our time with him, Jason maxed out at 130 mph clubhead speed along with 190 ball speed.  As one of the most consistently long players on the PGA Tour, it is essential that his posture sets the foundation for a powerful base from which […]

Posture Week: Lesson 1:  Get Your Whole Body Into It

This week in Secret Instruction, we will be covering all aspects of your posture when addressing the ball. For our first lesson, we check in with Instructor Martin Ayers.  Martin tells us of one of the most profound lessons of his life when Jackie Burke, Jr. approached him on the range at […]

Pre-Shot Routine Week: Lesson 4- Triggers and "Joining the Music"

Now that we have established the importance of constant motion in the pre-shot routine that creates a consistent pace, Steve Elkington will discuss the idea of a swing "trigger" that effectively begins the backswing.  In the process of the pre-shot routine, the "trigger," is the final step […]

Pre-Shot Routine Week: Lesson 3- Jason Dufner's Waggle

Now that we have covered the importance of motion in the pre-shot routine and in consistent execution of the routine, we will take a look at the distinct waggle of Secret Golf's own Jason Dufner.  With his no-nonsense, old-school demeanor and style of play, his waggle has gotten its fair […]

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